Laser Dermatology

We offer the latest in phototherapy and laser treatments to address many skin problems. With a multitude of modern laser and light devices we strive to provide the highest degree of personalized care tailored to your specific needs regardless of age and gender.

Common warts

Genital warts

Molluscum contagiosum

Skin tags

Sebaceous gland hyperplasia

Dermal naevi

Solar lentigo (pigmented spots)


Seborrhoic warts

Actinic Keratosis


Senile haemangioma (red spots)

Telengiectasia (spider veins)

Fine leg veins


Skin stretches (striae)

Laser, light and energy devices

  CO2 Laser Fractional Co2 Laser Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Alexandrite Laser Νd:YAG Laser

Photodynamic treatment (PDT)

Daylight PDT